Monday, 15 August 2016

Favour Box Tutorial

Hello All..........!!

First of all A Very Happy Independence Day to everyone. So, today I have a very cute, little and easy to make party favour box using patterned papers (2 boxes can be made of a 12"×12" pattern paper). This is my first tutorial. I have used the paper from Papericious Demask Delight Collection. I love these papers and they are sturdier and perfect for these boxes.

So here's the step by step tutorial on how to make one by yourself:-

1. You will need piece of pattern paper measuring 11" by 6" long.

2. Score horizontally at 2", 3.5", 6.5" and 8".

3. Score Vertically at 1.5" and 4.5".

4. Fold the scored lines and cut the flaps as shown in the pic given below.

5. Apply glues on all 1.5 square flaps and adhere them to the flaps as shown in the pic below.

6. Bring together both the flaps and adjust accordingly at the closure of the box and close the box.

You can further decorate the as per your choice and fill it with small gift or candies..........!!

I hope you all liked this post. I'll be more happy and pleased if you share your comments and suggestions whilch will help me in improving my crafting and keep me motivated.

Thank You So Much For Stopping By And Keep Crafting..........!!

Have A Great Day..........!!

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